Oct 31 2018

somnophilia - sleep & greek - sleep fuck Manhattan

Somnophilia :

def: (from Latin "somnus" = sleep and Greek φιλία, "-philia" = love) is a paraphilia in which sexual arousal or orgasm are intruded on a sleeping person by having sexual contact with them. Some signs or symptoms that may point to Somnophilia include recurring thoughts regarding unconscious or sleeping persons and feeling sexual urges when in contact with or in the proximity of said individuals.

Sleep fuck fantasy:

Your fantasy about sleep fuck /finger fuck when a female is asleep - sleep assault in Manhattan, New York 
You have a  sexyl woman spending the night in your hotel room ir  guest bedroom with the door open sleeping. She is in her dress or  in panties and a t-shirt and she is only covered with a sheet.You I walk in her room and can't resist reaching out to touch her just a little bit. When she doesn't wake, you touch her a little bit more. Slowly, I explore more and more of her body.First her breasts and than you like to see her clit and her pussy while she is sleeping 
You have  the courage to run your hand under her shirt and explore her breasts. Now you  explore her breasts  with your  mouth and at the same time your  hands begin to explore lower regions. You stimulate the clit and than you put your finger in the pussy...

She is still asleep but you like to put your dick in the pussy and your finger in the ass...

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